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I don't think I've shared with you all my love for coupons yet. If it weren't for coupons and all the wonderful freebies and events I find, I wouldn't be able to do the things I do with my boys. I use coupons all the time, anything from food, clothes, to entertainment, dinning out, and anything I can find in between. If there's a coupon out there for it, I'm looking to see if I can find it. So with the ultimate deal seeking adventure upon us, you better believe I'm shuffling through ads, checking out online deals and searching for coupons.

Did you know that there are toy coupons? Now, I'm not just talking about store coupons, there are actual manufacturer toy coupons out there! What makes these so great? You can stack manufacture coupons with store coupons to make sale events even greater! Where can you find these awesome toy coupons? Here's a few ideas.

Newspaper coupons

Manufacture Website & Newsletter

Look inside toy packaging, sometimes there will be a coupon good on your next purchase.

Hasbro offers free printable coupons for Playskool toys on the Playsaver website. The available Playskool coupons are rotated every few weeks so be sure to check it often, available number of coupons are limited.

A few more Hasbro Playsaver toy coupons can be found Here. also has a few toy coupons from time to time.

If your going to skip the stores all together and shop online, my suggestion would be to sign up with or You'll recieve a percentage of your qualifying store purchases and a check will be sent to you. If your a new member you'll automatically recieve $5 towards your cash back. Once you locate your store of preference be sure to have any online coupon codes handy and use them at check out.

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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