Are You a Coupon Clipper?

Are you a couponer? I am and I have to say, the amount of money I have saved is mind blowing! In the beginning I sat down with all the weekly fliers and proceeded to make my list and checking it against the coupons I had, back and forth I'd flip through papers, checking prices, ugh! Then I stumbled upon the wonderful world of online blogger and my life has been changed forever. Seriously! The internet makes couponing so much easier, with online databases of available coupons, online printable coupons, Facebook exclusive offers and of course the bloggers, who volunteer their time and share their shopping finds and store/coupon match-ups. My personal favorite for grocery shopping is Bargains to Bounty. If your in the Detroit Metro Area, I strongly suggest this blog as your first place to go to for making out your weekly grocery shopping lists.
So does the thought of trying to figure it all out make your head? Have you tried it before and given up because, it's just too much work? Whether you need a refresher course or want to pick up those scissors and start saving some of that hard earned money, head over to The Frugal, where you can find a FREE online video coupon class. I have attended coupon classes, shared my couponing insights with friends and even co-hosted a class in the basement of a friend's home and I have to say, I have always learned something new. So go check it out and help stretch your budget a little further, and maybe you can fit in more FUN into it.


Julia @ The Frugal Find said...

Thanks for sharing the Online Coupon Class with your readers!

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