Free Family Day at Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit 2/17

Check out Family Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit Sunday, February 17th from 12PM to 4PM for the Free Family Craft Day!
Drawing Sculpture in Space with Mary Fortuna
Sunday, February 17, 12 Noon to 4PM
Admission: Free

What do we think of when we talk about sculpture? Material? Form? Objects? Carving? Modeling? Are there other ways to think about sculpture? What about space? Is it possible to make a sculpture composed only of lines in space?

For this drop-in workshop, visitors do just that. Participants will use materials such as rope, string, tape and wire to “draw” a sculpture composed of physical lines in an empty space. Using these simple materials, everyone work as a group to create a large-scale sculpture that is less about material, form and object than about the act of defining space. Be prepared to move around and work with the whole group. This workshop is suitable for children of all ages and adults. Young children should be supervised by a parent.

Snacks and a vegan brunch menu is served by Beautiful Soup, a Detroit-based company specializing in conscientiously–sourced and seasonal foods.


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