Thankful November

If you’ve been on Facebook the past two days, you know that it is Thankful November. The month when Facebook Users and Bloggers count their blessings in daily posts.
Do you play along?

I don't play along, it's not because I'm not grateful for all I have been blessed with, a roof over our heads, clothes to keep us warm, food on our plates, the health of my family, the love from my friends, my two crazy, creative, loving boys, and my husband that endures my most ridiculous of ideas and requests. To tell you the truth, I'm still catching my breathe from Halloween. We still have dollar store cobwebs blowing in the wind by mear threads catching all the leaves that blow by, skeleton parts are now strewn around the porch and front yard, I swear I think the squirrels are moving them, the inside of the house still decked out in Halloween decor and costumes still slung over the dinning room chairs. It's one o'clock, we're all still in pjs and breakfast was a snack size bag of potato chips from the 15lb mountain of candy we've collected over a month of halloween events. At this rate my Thanksful November is slated to actually start about 3 days before Thanksgiving.

I do have plans on having my boys start a Thankful Leaf Garland, where we will write one thing we are thankful for each day and string it up over the doorway of our kitchen, as soon as I take down the the Halloween garland that is.

Here are some Thankful craft ideas
Visit my Pinterest Thanksgiving Board for more fun Turkey Day ideas!

Create this beautiful Thanksgiving Garland

“The Thankful Tree”

Print out as many leaves as there are guests for a personalized holiday decoration.


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