MJR Free Movie Weekend 3/3 & 3/4

Entertainment doesn't come cheap! Before you go and spend big bucks on tickets for that newly released cartoon movie that hit theaters, considering taking the little ones to one of these free shows at the theater. There's nothing worst than spending tons of money for a newly released movie at the theater and having to leave in the middle of the show because the little one is scared of the dark, the movie is too loud, or they just can't sit still and becomes embarrassingly fussy.

I always look forward to free movie matinées as something to do on weekends when the weather is yucky, and we NEED to get out of this house!

As a note, these kids film fests take place several time a year and they are usually free or just a $1, so keep an eye out at your local theaters during schools breaks.

MJR Theaters is running their 2012 Free Children's Spring Film Festival until March 25th.

Movies are FREE for children 12 and under, $1 for adults, Movies run Saturday and Sunday, times are posted the Tuesday prior to shows. Tickets are first come, first serve, so get there early!

Showing this weekend March 3 & 4 at MJR

Happy Feet 2


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