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This week birthday freebies have started filling up my mailbox and inbox in care of my oldest son, which you can count his age on one hand. His birthday is just a few short weeks away and it got me thinking, how I will start getting birthday freebies very soon, ... oh, and how I should share this valuable info with all of you.

Did you know that there are dozens of freebies you can receive on your birthday? Along with free meals, ice cream, gift cards, my son just received a postcard in the mail for three free games of bowling from a nearby bowling lane we visited over the summer. If you have a favorite restaurant, store or entertainment venue be sure to ask if they have a birthday club. It may include a free gift or coupon.

Here's just a small list of Birthday Clubs for the Kids

Olan Mills - there's no membership fee, and you get a FREE package on your child's birthday just for signing up, 3 and under!

Toys R Us – Sign up ahead of time and once your child’s birthday rolls around, they’ll get a personalized letter in the mail. Plus, bring your child into any Toys R Us and they’ll get a hat & balloon and while shopping will have their birthday announced over the loudspeaker. You’ll also get a $3 gift card in mail!

Chuck E. Cheese’s – You should get a birthday email with a coupon link for 20 free tokens. *We received a half-birthday email as well for 20 free tokens.

Kmart – Children get $5.00 Birthday Bucks, a birthday crown, happy birthday certificate, and birthday Fun Pack with surprise goodies!

Ringling Brothers Circus – Sign your newborn up for a free ticket to the circus that never expires. Then just save it until your little one has a birthday later on and give it to them!
Baskin Robbins – Get a free ice cream treat if you sign up for their Birthday Club.You'll also receive a discount on a birthday cake. *We received a half-birthday email for a free ice cream
Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream – Become a Chunk Spelunker and you can get some free ice cream!

Bob Evans – Free kids meal for anybody under the age of 12.

Boston Market – Free kids B-Day program, however it is under renovation, check back later

Burger King – Free BK® Kids Hamburger Meal to all kids club members free 
Coldstone Creamery – Join and get a free ice cream creation on your birthday.

Culvers – Free sundae as well as a few printable coupons when you first sign up.

Dairy Queen – Free ice cream coupon via e-mail for kids 16 and under.

IHOP – You’ll get a free meal when you sign up and on your birthday.

Sonic - Receive a free Wacky Pack® Kids' Meal

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