Free Family Fun Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit 11/20

Enjoy another Free Family Fun Day at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, Sunday, November 20th from 12PM to 4PM

Workshop Presenters – DDC Dance Artists

DDCdances has been active in Detroit since 1980. The collective believes in the power of dance and it’s ability to communicate and play a profound role in our everyday lives. Barbara Selinger, the current artistic director and principal choreographer, is a professional contemporary dance producer dedicated to the creation of a visually striking repertory. DDC is a pioneer in contemporary dance, paving the way for other dance artists and companies by exposing audiences to exciting concerts, lecture demonstrations, classes, workshops and educational programs

For this one-time collaborative workshop at MOCAD, DDC will teach several techniques in dance improvisation and choreography in this special 2-hour, animal-inspired creative arts and movement workshop. Participants will work together, share their creativity, and show what they have created in the dance sessions with family and friends. Before and after the workshop MOCAD staff persons will be on hand to work with children and parents to produce fanciful props for the dance performance. There will also be a free screening of “Carnival of the Animals,” an animal-themed performance staged by DDC. Come ready to move and boogie!


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