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Is your kiddos crazy for Legos?
Mine love to dump them out all over the floor... they also play with them for a while. Recently my husband dug out a huge bag of his old Legos and presented the whole bag to the boys. As the three of them sat on the floor building all sorts of trans portion devices, building and playing with the little yellow headed men, I sat and shuddered at the sight of a bazillion teeny tiny Lego parts all over the floor. Before I knew of my husbands secret plans to put me over the edge and drive me insane with these tiny little toys just waiting to get sucked up into the vacuum or stepped on in the middle of the night, I had signed the boys up for a Free 2 year Lego Club Magazine Subscription. The boys love getting their magazine in the mail and they flip through it all day long. And as a bonus, if your little one is under seven they will automatically be sent LEGO® Club Jr. Magazine when you sign up for the LEGO Club. Go sign up for the Lego Club and get your Free Lego Club Magazine subscription.

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