Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

 March 20th marks the 42nd publishing anniversary of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Many libraries, book store and even children's museums may be celebrating the event with special storytimes and crafts.

Looking for something to do at home with the kiddos try some of these
fun ideas:

Make Your Chai Version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar: This creature makes a fun first-time gardening project while bringing a little bit of spring into your home. Super easy craft found at


Chop your way thru a special snack while reading. If you and your kiddo find fun to eat snacks around themes you may want to add Muffin Tin Monday to you todo list. It the American version of the Japanese bento box meal, except its served in a muffin tin for kids.

 The weather is starting to get nice and all the little buggy creatures will start to stir. Talk to your kids about the life cycle of a caterpillar. All you need to make a fun life cycle project is a paper plate, The butterfly is a bowtie noodle for the butterfly, a shell noodle for the chrysalis , piece of rice for the eggs and use a rotini noodle for the caterpillar.

Talk Math and Days of the week. How many strawberries did he eat. Count them out and write out the numbers.
What day did he eat them on?

 Make art! Get out he paper and paint and create your own version of the Very Hungry Caterpillar. Use your hands, round sponges, blow up a balloon and dip it in paint.

There are so many wonderfully fun ideas you can explore with your kiddos while enjoying this children's classic. Happy Very Hungry Caterpillar Day!

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Mama-Bug said...

I love the caterpillar sandwich! How cute and artistic :) I am an assistant organizer for a huge playgroup (80 moms) on the west coast. We have done a hungry caterpillar play date the past two years, and those sandwiches would be a great addition for next year! Thanks:)

I have a couple pictures from our last hungry caterpillar playdate here:

The Playgroup Junkie said...

Heya Mama-Bug
Thanks for coming by and leaving a comment! I checked out your link, looks like your playgroup has lots of fun ideas too. Be sure to follow me, I have tons to share. :)

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