Personal Santa Messages and more

Here are some fun things you can do today to add a little more Santa magic to your kids day until Christmas arrives.

Watch Santa's Reindeer Live! My understanding is that Santa feeds his Reindeer each night at 5pm. reindeercam

This was a fun one, you can select several options to personalized the message. Get a phone call from the big man himself. I shared this one with my family and it became a fun thing for the adults to have Santa call call other adult family members.

Receive a personalized video from Santa using You can upload pictures and send it via email.

You can also track Santa with NORAD Santa Tracker, you can follow Santa on his Christmas Eve journey in Google Maps or Google Earth. Explore YouTube videos and Panoramic photos from each location that Santa visits, and track his route in Google Earth to watch him fly around the world.

There are also a few online websites that you can upload pictures of your living room and put Santa in your home for a charge. Imagine the look of surprise on Christmas morning when children see a picture or video of Santa in their very own home! Here's a few sites I found,,

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