Don't Forget to Feed the Reindeer!

It's Christmas Eve tomorrow! So hopefully your done with your shopping, maybe even have a present or two wrapped and ready under the tree. Is the house and tree all lit up in Christmas lights so Santa can find you? Are the cookies made for the Big Guy to enjoy tonight? What about the Reindeer, any special treats?

Well if not here's an quick, easy and fun project for you to do with your kiddos tonight. I made these with my boys last year and will refill our shakers on Christmas Eve.

Magic Reindeer Food
You will need:
Sugar (Colored would be best for effect, I prefer NOT to use glitter just in case some small furry friend decided to have a little Christmas Eve snack as well)
An Herb/Seasoning Shaker
OR Paper Towel Roll
Scrap Wrapping Paper
Glue Stick OR Tape
Glitter Glue
(Other craft scraps pictured here are jingle bells, colored card stock, ribbon, hole punch, holiday stickers, computer printed Decorative Font for the label and Reindeer Food Poem)

If you don't have a shaker handy you can use an old paper towel roll, but it might not hold up so well in the years to come.
1.Cut the wrapping paper to size or the paper towel roll.
2.Glue wrapping paper to paper towel roll.
3.Pinch top, to make a crease, then push each of the two sides on the paper towel roll inward to create a pillow box. Repeat for both ends!
See Picture Below.
4. Decorate with other scrap card stock or wrapping paper, be sure to label it Reindeer Food
5. If you would like to add a jingle bell you will need to hole punch the paper towel at the top between the two flaps, and feed a piece of ribbon through it onto the jingle bell.
6. Spoon in oatmeal, and sugar, we used red and green sugar to add to the special Christmas Magic effect.

Not everyone has fancy design programs so I used Microsoft Office Word and was able to find the scroll shape to make this project.

Here's the poem.
Reindeer Food
On the night before Christmas
When all else is done,
Here’s one last thing to do;
It will really be fun.
Take the feed from this bag,
Spread with care on the ground,
Santa’s Reindeer are coming;
It’s sure to be found.
Then run quickly to bed
And don’t make any noise,
Because Santa will visit
all the good girls and boys.

If your using a herb/seasoning shaker your project is super easy! Just clean out the shaker, remove the old label, cut wrapping paper to fit the old labels spot and decorate, then have your kiddo spoon oatmeal and sugar into the container and your ready to go put out food for Santa's Reindeer. The great thing about the shaker is you'll have keepsake for next year!

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