2011 Calender Ideas

Can you believe we're 3 days away from the year 2011! Where did the time go?! We're looking forward to a new year with new beginnings and new adventures to be had and we will surely need a new calendar to keep track of all the fun. Calendars can be fun. Some have beautiful pictures, inspirational quotes, religious daily devotionals, some can have helpful tips & hints, yummy recipes, and coupons.

You can even make your own with family pictures and print it from your own computer. Just know that any design with lots of color will eat up your ink!  http://www.hp.com/

Looking for a more kid oriented project? Take a look at down-loadable templates. This could be a fun project to look forward to each month. There are several designs to choose from. Your project could be as simple as just printing out each month and having your kiddos coloring the picture or you could get creative and get out the glue, glitter, and collage materials and encourage your kiddos to make a collage based on each month.

Check out these FREE calendars for 2011 you can order.
2011 Oriental Trading Calendar
2011 Hyland's Baby Calendar
2011 Bokers Metric Conversion Poster Calendar
2011 Unity Calendar: The Year of Abundant Living
2011 America Needs Fatima Calendar


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