Black Friday Shopping

Are you a Black Friday shopper? I've only gone two or three times and that was prior to kids. I've not really had the need to wake up at 2am to stand in the dark out in the cold for the door busting, eye popping, awesome deals. That may all change now that my kids can tell me what they want for Christmas...although that still doesn't mean I'll be doing that...(looking in dear Husbands direction) GRIN

It looks like almost all the Black Friday Sales have been "leaked", you can find them here or here.  Of course you should keep in mind that these "leaked" ads may not be entirely accurate. Some of these sales start in the wee hours of the morning but it looks like Toys R Us takes the cake by opening at 10pm on Thanksgiving! Crazy!

If your new to Black Friday shopping here are some tips for heading out on the most exciting deal seeking adventure of the year.

1. Write out a Budget
Write out a list of who your shopping for this holiday season. there's nothing worse than forgetting to put someone on your list and having to run out later to pick something up. With that be sure to figure out a budget for your shopping adventure. Next to each name write down how much your able to spend on them. Staying on budgeted is important, especially when deal seeking.

2. Do Your Research
Check out the online "leaked" ads in preparation of the actual ads that come out Thanksgiving. Do some web searching for any better deals online. Some retailers have on-line only sales for Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving. Be sure to check out product reviews before you buy, there's nothing worse than spending your hard earned money and time on a product that is not quiet what you expected or worse, cheaply made.

3.Make a Game Plan
After you've done your research, gotten your actual Black Friday ads in hand, make out a game plan. Where are you going first? You don't want to miss out on that awesome door buster by not being in the store at the right time.

4. Set Your Alarm!
Black Friday mostly takes place while the sun is still sleeping, in the wee hours of morn. Some retailers are starting black Friday on Thanksgiving Thursday. So set your alarm and get there early!

5. Don't Dress to Impress
With all that running from store to store and standing in lines, dressing in your Sunday best really isn't practical. Dress in some comfortable fitting clothes and shoes.Try to leave your bulking coats in the car and your large carry-all and the kitchen sink, size purse at home. You don't want to be bogged down while running around the stores trying to grab all the wonderful deals.

6. Remember Your Ads & List
Be sure to bring your ads. Some retailer still price-match on Black Friday. Don't forget that holiday gift list you made! You shouldn't shop with out a list.

7. Don't Forget the Gift Receipt
Remember to ask for a gift receipts, just in case that awesome deal isn't quite right, the recipient can exchange it after the holiday.

8. Snacks & Breaks
Bring a long some traveling snacks. You'll need to keep up your energy for all that deal shopping. Take along a few granola bars or trail mix to munch on until you feel like your able to go sit down and have breakfast or lunch.

9. Be Safe
Travel lite and leave all non essentials at home. Bring with you just your money, ID, check book and/or credit cards you plan to use in a small purse. Keep your wallets and money in your front pockets. Keep your PIN numbers hidden when using ATMs or Debit machines.Relay any personal information to the sale clerk quietly. Try to hide all you stores bags and gifts out of sight in the car. Put your gifts in the trunk or bring a blanket to cover your purchases in the back seat. You don't want anyone window shopping outside your car. And finally when putting all those holiday gifts in the car, be aware of your surroundings and anyone that looks suspicious. Have your keys ready before you get to the car.

So you do shop Black Friday? What's your game plan?

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