Free Movie Weekend

Entertainment doesn't come cheap! It has been a while since I've been to the movie theater and I was shocked when my husband and I went to see a new movie (without the kids) and we spent over $25 for tickets, a large popcorn and pop to share. Jus thinking about adding our two boys to that price makes my head spin! Before you go and spend big bucks on tickets for that newly released cartoon movie that hit theaters, considering taking the little ones to one of these free shows at the theater for the first time. Movie theaters have kids film fests several time a year and they are usually free or just a $1. There's nothing worst than spending all that money for a newly released movie at the theater and having to leave in the middle of because the little one is scared of the dark, the movie is too loud, or just can't sit still and becomes embarrassingly fussy.

Goodrich Quality Theater has a FREE fall matinee going on until November 14th.

Showtimes are 9am and 10am on Saturday and Sunday and has a 15 minute intermission.
The movies are Free for the whole family! And here's a coupon for pop & popcorn!
This weekend at Goodrich Quality Theater
The Spy Next Door

MJR is also hosting a FREE fall film fest until October 31st.
Showtimes vary so be sure to check times at your location.
The movies are free for 12 and under, adults cost a $1.
This weekend at MJR
Cats and Dogs


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